Accident prawn

How cute is this little accident prawn? I found him lurking on an error page of

And BTW, if you’re into looking for good recipes online and you haven’t stumbled upon Gojee yet, you need to bookmark it now! They really do justice to tasty food photos by displaying them in full screen glory. The iPad app is lovely too. Really simple with not too much interface stuff getting in the way. I can sit there and drool over all the recipes, simply swiping each full screen food photo to the next.

As far as I can tell simply aggregates lots of delicious recipes from lots of people’s blogs. A great thing to do considering how many people write personal blogs about their cooking adventures.

I wanted to add a few screenshots of the site here, but turns out their whole site is ‘accident prawn’ at the moment. Hopefully it comes back soon. It’s definitely one that’s worth checking back from time to time. Just not when you’re really hungry!