I recently came across the website http://fashionandmash.wordpress.com/.

I loved the content so much I subscribed not only by Twitter and RSS, but also by email. It’s one of the few emails I subscribe to that I actually regularly open to read.

As stated on the website, Fashion and mash is “Where designer meets digital… daily news updates from an industry insider at the crossroads of fashion and technology”.

Above is an image from the website, along with blog post title: “Cinemagram’s crowdsourced GIF content could prove viral win for fashion brands”. Lot’s of inspiring stuff to be found.

I’m very curious to know who writes this blog. I feel like I need to know her/him.

I wondered if it might be Katrina Dodd from Contagious Magazine? I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to her a while back at a Fashion entrepreneurs event at the Berkeley Hotel. She, along with some other high profile speakers including Caroline Burnstein of Browns Fashion and the design duo of Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro, were discussing what it takes to start a fashion business. Naturally, the talk kept gravitating towards digital and Katrina in particular talked about how fashion brands are starting to embrace the media and how late most of them have been to jump on the brandwagon. She of course championed Burberry for being a forerunner in the field.

In any case, It’s great to see everything now being documented on Fashion and mash, as the online fashion momentum seems to now be fully in swing. I’m sure whoever writes Fashion and mash won’t be short of things to write about in the coming while anyway.

Note to whoever the author is, if you read this, please get in touch. I’d love to help you make a custom design for your wordpress site ;)