leopard nails petting cat

Meow, check out my nails, and check out my latest kinotopic.

Kinotopic is an iPhone app that allows you to make still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement action occurs, otherwise referred to as Cinemagraphs or Kinos. It can be a bit fiddly at times but when you get it right, a lot of fun! This one features my lovely painted nails petting my cat Boo. I couldn’t get Boo to look at me which would have made it better, but what do people always say; never work with children or animals? This is the reason why.

My nails are painted with some magical crackle nail polish from Topshop. Exciting stuff. And fun to apply, simply paint your nails as normal with two coats then use this baby as a thin top coat and watch it crackle like crazy in front of your eyes. It helps to cover up any mistakes you make in the coloured undercoats below too – bonus! Oh the technological advances we are making in every industry right now…

So I’m wondering, if I paint my nails even cooler and make my cat look even cuter, do you think something like this could go viral? People seem to not only be obsessed with cats on the Internet, but nails, whoa the nails! I have noticed a total surge of people talking about and showing off their nails. Countless blogs, instagram and tumblr pictures. My Pinterest feed is filled with so many it hurts.

Here is a selection of bloggers I’ve come across that have got some pretty sweet nails going on:

And then of course, what can probably be seen as the originator of all this crazy nail art, there is wah-nails.com/. Straight from london, bo!

So what do you think, maybe light blue icicles like daggers petting Boo. Or tumbling blue waves? They would match her blue eyes anyway.

Or I could get some of these crazy metalic nails by Holly and Hannah?

Maybe the trick is to make sure Boo is being super cute. She likes to play dead and she sometimes stands like a meercat too. Don’t think I can count on her standing in meercat position while I try to pet her and take a video though!

Or hmmm… maybe I need kittens…

I am open to any ideas (or petting of kittens) so please help me out and comment below.

Thanks :)