If you build it, people will shop.

No longer can brands simply showcase products in neat little rows and columns with the odd hero or catalogue layout thrown in. The future is definitely pointing towards lovely online content creation. Whether in video, editorial layouts, magazines, apps. That’s what the Net-a-porters and the Asos’s of the world really seem to have going for them anyway.

Like the videos, like the model choice too. Very youthful and Asos.

Shame I’m having troubles getting the links in the video to work. Same with the link to their Pin it to win it competition…

Renegade supermodel Charlotte Free has come to party at ASOS! Watch her videos, shop her style, and listen to her jamz to get ready for your Best Night Ever. Plus pin your favourite outfit whilst watching for your chance to win. Pin to Win: http://bit.ly/S7rVb2